Suck & Chug Drinking Game

You all know how to play suck and blow, right? Well, for those of you who don't, I guess I better explain it, huh? Ok, you need the same amount of guys and girls otherwise the game just isn't as fun. Everyone needs to be standing in a circle, boy then girl, and so on.

Now, the first person puts a card to his/her lips and sucks in air and keeps the card to their lips, and passed the card to the left or right (whatever was decided on), and they keep passing the card until it is dropped.

The pair that drops the card has to kiss. The variation to make this a drinking game is as follows: you must keep track of how many times the card was passed before it was dropped, and that is how many drinks the pair has to take. But the real kicker is that the pair has to take the drink out of the other person's mouth.

For example, if the card was dropped after 6 passes, than the pair has to each take 3 drinks from the other one's mouth. So they have to basically kiss to get the drink. Get it? I have seen so many people get very inebriated from this game. It all depends on how well you can SUCK!!!!! Have fun! Oh yeah, the less clothing you wear the more interesting it gets!!!!

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