Suicidal 666 Drinking Game

You will need a deck of cards, two or three shot glasses depending on the amount of people playing, a medium sized glass, and a lot of beer.

All players sit in a circle around a table with the medium sized glass filled with beer and placed in the center. The dealer starts the game by flipping over a card for the first player and the player drinks according to the rules below. After he has taken his drinks, the dealer flips a card over for the next player and so on.

Special Rules - If the dealer flips over these cards for you do the following:

- Evens - you give someone else that many drinks

- Odds - you take that many drinks

- 10 - take five drinks, each other player gets one turn to bounce a quarter into a shot glass. If they miss you don't drink, if they make it you drink five more for each person that makes it.

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