Suicide Kings Drinking Game

Have a bottle of tequila, limes, and salt in the center of the table with a shot glass. Open up beers that chase tequila well.

Each person draws a card in turn:
- Ace: All drink
- 2-5: You drink once
- 6-9: Person to left drinks once
- 10: You drink twice
- Jack: Pick someone to drink twice
- Queen: Shiver Shot Taken! The person on your left picks a person to give you a shiver shot: lick their neck, salt it. Give them the lime to hold in their mouth. Lick the salt, shoot the tequila, suck the lime.
- King: Shiver Shot Given! Choose who you give a shiver shot to!
- King of Hearts: The Suicide King requires an all play. The person drawing the card chooses the game all others must play. For instance, each person could be required to use the word vacuum in a phrase involving sex. Or each person could be required to take a shiver shot. Objectors to the King of Hearts' game remove two articles of clothing and/or perform a forfeit.

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