Suites Drinking Game

Everyone sits around a table or other playing surface.
One person is the dealer (deals closkwise)
Game starts by having the person to the left of the dealer guess a suite. The dealer places a card in front of each person until he deals a card of the suite that was called. If it goes around a few times and you have more than one card in front of you, when the suite called is reached, leave the top card or if you have more than one of the same suite on top keep them and get rid of the rest.
Now, the person that gets the card of the suit called has to drink what is on the card(2=2 Ace=14) if they have more than one card of the same suite, they have to drink the total of all the cards. ex. 5,2,10 of hearts, person drinks 17.
The person drinks the total of the cards but the people at the table get to count for them and make it as long or short of a count as they want.
When a person calls out the last number in this case a 17 then you can stop drinking and before you put your cup down you have to call out another suite (look to see what people have, screw em over). If you don't call a number and put your drink down you have to drink your total all over again. If you finish your drink before everyone else finishes counting, slam your cup down and the person to the left of the last person to call out a number has to take your total and drink it.
Once a person finishes drinking and calls another suite start over and deal until someone gets the SUITE!

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