Texas Drink'Em Drinking Game

For those hardcore fans of Texas Hold'Em no limit poker... we present to you TEXAS DRINK'EM!!!

Rules are the same as in the poker equivalent, except betting is done with number of seconds (or sips) to drink. You go around the table saying how many seconds you bet, and then you deal the flop, bet, turn, bet, river, bet, and so on. If you know the rules of Texas Hold'em you know what im talking about. And you would think it would be hard to keep track of all the seconds, but actually its really easy.

here are some ground rules.
20 seconds = 1 beer.
You can go "All-In" as in Texas Hold'em but you say "Chug" instead.
If you fold, you still have to drink for the seconds still left on the table. Unless you folded before the flop like a pussy. This is why i would suggest making big blinds and small blinds something like 5 and 3 secs.
You can still "buy back in" which really means just getting your ass up to get another beer.
And of course you can still bet over 20 seconds or 1 beer's worth. This just means the "loser" must drink multiple beers at the end of the round.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as we have. It was actually discovered while camping when we discovered we had no poker chips, but a cooler filled with beer instead. Abracadabra.. TEXAS DRINK'EM! And believe me, this game WILL get you FUCKED UP. enjoy.

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