The Pitcher Game Drinking Game

Best if played with 4 or more people, and if everyone is drinking the same thing. Make sure you have plenty of whatever is being drank.

Very Simple

Take the Pitcher or usable container and place it in the center of the playing area. Designate one person to be the dealer. They will shuffle and deal the cards. The dealer then lays out the top 6 cards in the deck. Each card should be different, and face up so everyone can see what the cards are. Now the dealer deals the remaining cards to each person until he/she runs out. Each player can not look at their cards, just put them into a pile and leave them in front of you. One person starts by pouring as much of their drink into the Pitcher in the middle. They then flip a card from their pile only, if the card matches any of the 6 cards that were layed out beforehand, then they have to drink what is in the pitcher. If the card does not match, it goes onto the next person. Each person pours at the begining of their turn, adding to whatever is already in the pitcher. The pitcher continues to be filled until someones card from their pile matches one of the 6. Play does not resume until the person with the matching card is finished drinking the entire contents of the pitcher. Once the person is done drinking, the next person in the rotation starts and begins filling again.
Have Fun!!
Get Drunk!!

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