The Real Cops and Robbers Drinking Game

3.Leave your cards on the table laying face down and very discreetly look at your card. The person with the J is the robber, the person with the A is the cop.

4. The robber must wink at someone who they think is not the cop. When the person recieves the wink that person says the deal has been made.

5. If you the robber winks at the cop then he must drink 10 sec., sips or whatever.

6. Next the cop questions the remaining players and if he gets it wrong once it is 2 drinks twice 4 drinks three times 8 drinks and so on so forth.

7. If the cop gets it right on the first try then the robber must drink 10

This is a fun party game if you have more than 6 people feel free to alter the sec. of drinking unless you are pretty hardcore. Have Fun.

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