Thumbmaster Drinking Game

Spread all cards over face down in the middle of the table. Mix them up. First person draws a card. Each card stands for as follows.
Ace: Waterfall(Drawer starts drinking person to their left can't stop until they stop. Person to the left of the person to the left can't stop until that person stops and goes around circle.
1: Take one drink.
2: Take two drinks.
3: Give three drinks.
4: Whores(Girls drink.)
5: Thumbmaster(Person who drew card is now thumbmaster. They can put there thumb on the table at any time through the rest of the game or until another person draws a 5 and becomes thumbmaster. Everyone else has to then put there thumb on the table; the last one to do so drinks.)
6: Dicks(Guys drink.)
7: Ahead(Person to left of drawer drinks)
8: Straight(Person across from drawer drinks)
9: Rhyme(Say a sentence person to the left of you has to rhyme with the last word of that sentence. Goes around till someone doesn't rhyme. They have to drink)
10: Social(Everyone takes a drink)
Jack: Category(Say a category and everyone has to name something out of that category including person who starts it. Goes around cirlce until someone is stumped, they have to drink)
Queen: Question(Ask someone a question. They have to turn to someone else and ask a question. The first to answer isntead of asking another question drinks)
King: Rule(They get to make a rule that lasts for the remainder of game; example everytime so and so drinks an item of clothing has to be taken off)

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