Trivial Pursuits Drinking Game

The beer piece is moved around in the following manner. The players who are entitled to roll to move the beer piece do so and move the beer piece whatever the die roll indicates. If the player who is moving the beer piece fails to land on another player then they roll again if they are so entitled. If during the course of moving the beer piece the player lands on a "roll again" then the player does so. If the player fails to land on another player and they have no more rolls then it is the end of their turn and the next player or team takes their turn rolling and answering questions as they normally would. If a player who is moving the beer piece succeeds in landing on another player then that players turn to move the beer peice ends and they may not go after another player even if they have more rolls coming to them. One kill per turn only please. That is it. Have fun and remember that the capital of Norway is Oslo and not Helsinki.

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