Turbo Cups Drinking Game

Turbo Cups is a relay race with beer. Form two teams of three or more and line up on opposite sides of a table that can get dirty. Everyone fills up their cup, it must be plastic cups, half way (or however much the group decides on).

The first two people start and chug their cup of beer as fast as they can. Once they finish they must set the edge of the cup on the edge of the table so that only a small portion of the bottom of the cup is hanging over the edge of the table. Then they must flip the cup over, using 1 finger, half a revolution. In other words, the cup must land upside down. Whenever the cup lands upside down, then the next person may go. You do this until the last person in line is up, they must chug twice to start the second leg of the race.

If you chose to make the race longer than two legs then it is advisable to have your heavy drinkers on the ends. The first team to complete the set amount of legs wins. It is also fun to play girls against guys, if the girls think they can handle it. Guys must watch out real close though, because they tend to cheat more often than guys, just from personal experiences!

One key point to the game is the cup must be empty before you turn it over to flip the cup. Otherwise the table, yourself, and others around you will get beer on them. Also be sure to have plenty of beer available at hand because you go through a 12 pack in no time playing this game. Also it is a great party game that gets everyone drunk out of their mind.

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