Two Drunk Blind Men Drinking Game

This is only a game for two people. So you better be willing to drink.

Take turns dealing the cards after each round. First, deal one card face up for both of you to see. Then deal each person one card face down. Stick the card on your forehead with the numbers facing out so the other person can see it but you can't.

The person who is not the dealer bets how many drinks (1-10 drinks) they think that their card is closer to the card that is delt up for both players to see. Then, the dealer can call, fold or raise the number of drinks bet based on what he or she thinks his or her card is. Raising the number of drinks can go back and forth until someone either calls, folds, or reaches the maximum drink limit (10 drinks).

If a person folds, he or she must drink the number of drinks that have been bet.

If the bet is called, the person furthest away from the card delt face up drinks the bet.

If the card on your forehead is the same card delt face up, the loser of the hand drinks double the bet. The only way for the person with the matching card to lose is if he or she folds, otherwise the opposing person will have to drink double. That's why you want to bluff the person with the matching card so you can get them to fold.

This is a simple game for two people to pass the time while getting drunk.


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