Umbrella Drinking Game

This game can work with any group of people in a room (the more the merrier). The person who knows the game starts off by saying, "The name of the game is "umbrella" and the word is....". The person who knows the game will say any word at all (looking around the room and "thinking" first before mentioning your word helps confuse people even more)! You can fill in the blank with any word - the catch is - saying "um" before each word, hence the name "umbrella".

Example - "The name of the game is umbrella and the word chest". Vary the volume and the tone of the "um" part and most people will not even catch on to it for quite some time! If you mention at the start of the game that it is a "pattern game", people will think they are getting it right. For example if you say "um.....lamp" and they say "light bulb", you will be right and they will be wrong.

Occasionally a person who doesn't know the game will say "um" without knowing it. Don't forget to listen carefully and make sure you congratulate them on "getting it right"!

Getting the "pattern" wrong, of course, makes that person drink!

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