Warm Beer Drinking Game

This game takes place surrounding a camp fire and basically picks on one person.

One person takes a lighter and holds it under a can of beer, hence, warm beer. Only one person does this, it causes a balck residue on the bottom of the can, but don't let the others know this!

The object of the game is to keep one long continuous story going on. When one person wants to pass the story on to the next, they must touch them on the face. When someone fails to continue the story, everyone must drink.

The real fun comes in when the person holding the "warm beer" passes the story on. This person should rub their fingers on the bottom of their beer can BEFORE touching the next person. Don't let anyone know that he/she is doing this though. Each time the story is passed on by this person, he/she wipes this black residue on the next persons face. Eventually this one person has black all over there face and they are completely unaware of it. It is more fun if you put mustaches or other things on their face.

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