Waterfall 1 Drinking Game

First start out by seperating the cards. Just keep the 4 jacks, 4 queens, 4 kings, and 4 aces. Then set up the cards 4 X 4 (four rows, four columns).

You take turns flipping over cards with the following results:

- Jack is a topic. The person who flipped over the card pick a subject and you go around the circle naming things that fit the topic. The person who messes up on the topic has to take 5 drinks or 2 shots.

- Queen is a rule. You make up a rule like "no pointing", "no names", or something like that.

- Kings are a bathroom break, make someone chug a beer, or 2 shots.

- Ace is a waterfall. A waterfall is where the person who flipped over the card drinks and no one can stop until the person who flipped over the card.

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