Waterfall Drinking Game

Lay all the cards upside down on a table.

Begin selecting cards one person at a time.

Each card has its own value.

2-5 Drink that many drinks.

6-9 Distribute Pass that many drinks out to any of the players. (Draw a nine Pass 3,3,and 3 or 8,1) good idea to screw people over.

10 Social(For those that love the man show give the salute before drinking)

Jacks Category (Drawer Picks a subect ie: 1960 car models person that does not answer drinks)

Queen Ryme time (Drawer says a word then others have to follow with a ryming word person who does not ryme drinks)

King dreaded waterfall(Drawer starts to drink and the person on his/her left cant stop till drawer stops and so on till circle is complete)

ACE make a rule(ie: The little man rule must take little man off of your drink before drinking and then put him back on when done. anyone caught not doing this is told to chug.)

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