Waterfalls Drinking Game

2)TAKE 2 (Person who draws this card takes 2 drinks)
3)GIVE 3 (Person who draws this card gives 3 drinks to any person)
4)TO THE RIGHT (Person on the card drawers right takes a drink)
5)ACCROSS THE TABLE (Person sitting accross the table from card drawer drinks)
6)BEER BITCH/ASHTRAY HO (This person will make/get the other players a new drink and empties the ashtrays)
7)RULE (This person may make any rule they want ex. Anytime anyone takes a drink they must stand up and sing "I'm a little teapot with movements")
8) THUMBMASTER (This person may put their thumb on the table at anytime and the last person to put their thumb down on the table takes a drink
9)I NEVER (The person who draws this card will say something that they have never done if anyone playing has done it then they must drink ex: I never kissed a member of the same sex)
10)DARE (The person who draws this card may dare anyone to do anything. ex: i dare you to strip down and run outside naked in the snow)
J)ASSHOLES DRINK (All of the men drink)
Q) BITCHES DRINK (All of the women drink along with whom ever is BEER BITCH/ASHTRAY HO male or female)
K) SOCIAL (Everyone takes a drink)
LITTLE JOKER)SHOT (The player who draws this card must take a shot of the last person who drank choice. Ex: Player "A" just drank Player "B" draws this card, Player "A" will pick what shot Player "B" will take.

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