Wizz Drinking Game

One person starts the game by saying "The name of the game is Wizz" They toss an imaginary ball in the air and use either wizz or bang to start the game. NOTE: You must say the term and perform the action.

- Wizz - A sweeping motion made with the hand of the ball direction. Ex. if the ball comes from your right going to your left you must wizz it with your right hand. This passes the ball in the same direction around the table.

- Bounce - You take the elbow of your arm opposite of the ball direction and bounce it on the table. Ex. if ball is coming from your left you bounce with your right. This reverses the direction of the ball.

- Boink - Both elbows are bounce off table. This skips the person next in order.

- Bang - Hand is made into a gun and player shoots someone. The player then must wizz or bang. If done more than three times you must drink. Skips to a desired player.

This game sounds very complicated but once learned is very easy, if you're sober. Once you start to feel it you're screwed.

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