Zuma Zuma Drinking Game

You have a group of people, minimum can be around 4 up to a max of any amount. One person is designated to be the "Zuma Master" Then you count to the left of the zuma master. So the person directly to the left is 1, then the person left of them is 2, and so on until you come back around to the zuma master.

The trick of this game is to get the beat down. The "Zuma Master" always starts the game. He first pounds his two fists onto the playing surface and then claps and says, "Zuma Zuma (clap clap) Fuck me up (clap clap)" So you always say something on the down beat, (when you hit your hands on the table.) So if you get this down this is how the game goes:
Zuma master starts out by saying, "zuma zuma (clap (clap) fuck me up (clap Clap) zuma zuma (clap clap) fuck me up (clap clap)" twice, while this is going on, everyone starts the beat with him. Then the zuma master starts saying zuma zuma zuma zuma on each down and up count, and the trick is he can say it as fast or as slow and as long as he wants. so he is saying zuma zuma zuma zuma and then he yells out a number, but only on the clap count. so then he yells 4. so then 4 has to keep the beat by saying his/her number on each beat count. (ex. four (hit table) four (clap) four(hit table) four (clap) And they are allowed to speed it up or slow it down and as long as they want. (this is to try and screw people up. Doing it really fast and then yelling a persons number can make them screw up). If you want to get the zuma master however, you have to say zuma. Now remember, you can only say someone else's number on the clap (up count). If someone screws up then everyone starts singing and the person who screwed up has to drink through the whole song. The words to this song is as follows:
"Hail to brother (Name) brother (Name), brother (Name) hail to brother (Name), he's fucked up to night. He's happy, he's jolly, he's fucked up by golly, so drink mothafucker, drunk mothafucker, drink mothafucker drink." Now you are allowed to slow down or speed up the song as much as you want. Once you finish the song. The zuma master starts it all over again. It's fun, little confusing, but once you get the hang of it, it's a blast, oh, and you get fucked up if your horrible and lose a lot. so, have fun with it!!!!

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