Beer Monopoly Drinking Game

The rules are VERY SIMPLE. Everyone plays monopoly the normalway and the point of the game is the same. To Win. Now here is where it gets tricky. Everytime you land on someone elses property. You take a shot of beer. Everytime you have to mortgage a property. You take a shot off beer. Everytime you have to pay taxes either by landing on a spot on the board or buy reading a card for Example (PAY SCHOOL TAX) You pay the money AND you pour one shot of your beer into the COMMUNITY PITCHER. Everytime somes lands on Community Chance or Chance. You pour your shot of beer in the pitcher. Now is where it gets really fun. Everytime someone lands on free parking. They have to drink whatever is in the pitcher. No matter if it is 1 shot or 50. (IT CAN GET THAT HIGH) Also if you are the bankrupt and taken out of the game. You have to drink the pitcher. That's it until there is a monopoly winner. So here's the recap.

You take a shot win - You land on someones property or mortgage your own.

You pour a shot in the picture when - You pay taxes or land on Community Chest or Chance

You drink the pitcher when - You land on Free Parking or GO out of the game. VERY SIMPLE Just a warning, usually everyone is so drunk after the game, most the pieces get lost. Just a heads up.

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