Bulldog PAIN Drinking Game

*First, you line up the thirteen beers to correspond with the thirteen different cards in the deck.(2-A)

*Just as with PAIN, you pass around the deck of cards, letting each person draw, then drinking the beer that matches their card ( the first beer being the 2, ect.). Each time you draw you can drink as much as you like, but by the time the fourth suit of the card is drawn, the beer must be finished.

*Here is the twist. Say you are drinking the second 7, and have the urge to finish the beer,you are doing what is known as "BULLDOGING". For the remaining 2 7's in the deck, the individual whom draws each card must chug an entire beer or take a shot of bourbon. Just as in regular PAIN, you take the risk of you yourself drawing one of the remaing cards after you have "BULLDOGED" it, screwing yourself.

*This game gets you hammered, especially with 3 people or with Jefferson Manning. I highly encourage playing this game before going to the bar, a function, or if you have just been drinking slowly all day and need something to pick you up. Good luck.

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