Drunk Driver 1 Drinking Game

The drawback about this game is that it only includes two people, the dealer and a victim. People usually use mixed drinks with this game, but beers are just as good. A whole deck is used by the dealer (aces high), and six cards are placed face down one by one beside another in a line on a table.

The victim chooses a side to start on and the dealer turns over that corresponding card. Depending on the first card's face value, the victim must guess if the next card in line is going to be higher or lower than the last one in value.

If they guess correctly, the victim moves on to the next card. If they get it wrong, the victim must drink gulps of what number card they ended on.

For example, if they got to the fourth card and got it wrong they have to drink four gulps. The dealer replaces the uncovered cards with new cards, except the first one, for that is the side you choose to work with first, and the victim starts all over again.

If doubles occur (like two sevens in a row), the victim must drink double the amount that he/she would have drank if they got that card wrong.

Whenever an 8 is uncovered the victim must again drink double the required amount and start all over with new cards.

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