Drunken Uno Drinking Game

1. everytime your turn is skipped or you are reversed on (the person before you in turn lays down a reverse card) you drink 1

2. everytime you can't play you keep drawing cards from the stack until you can play a card. and you owe a drink for every card you draw. (a draw 4 Wild is draw 4 drink 4)

3. a normal Wild card is a waterfall (for those who don't know what a waterfall is i will explain. everyone starts chugging their beer at the same time the person who laid down the Wild card can stop drinking whenever they feel like it. the person to the left of the person who laid down the Wild can't stop drinking until the person who laid it down stops drinking. and it goes around in that fashion until you get to the last person.)

4. you can't lay a Wild on a Wild

5. if u fail to call Uno when u have one card left you get 5 cards and five drinks

6. never i repeat NEVER leave your cards on the table for ANY reason. if you want to smoke or go to the bathroom take the cards with you. if you leave them on the table anyone can add cards to your pile from the draw deck.

&. last and most importantly. CHEATING IS ENCOURAGED the object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. you can lay all of them down at once if u can get away with it. but if you get caught you get your cards back, you drink and your turn gets skipped. my favorite way of cheating is reshuffling my cards into the deck. needless to say i'm not allowed to shuffle anymore. you must get rid of your cards into the discard pile. you can't throw them under the table. that is the only rule as far as cheating goes.

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