Passout Drinking Game

This is a board game that can be found at Spencer's gifts or other such novelty stores.The game is played just like monolopy but with a certain heavy drinking twist.

The object of the game is to circle around the board and say and collect at least 10 pink elephant cards. In order to advance you must roll dice. Every space you land on is different (i.e. blue, yellow, red, or green take a drink, or all drink). Sometimes you might get sent to the bar and must roll doubles to exit. This game can be fast paced in which case you will get drunk quickly. There also are chance cards which tell others to drink, give up a pink elephant card, get out of bar, take a pink elephant card from any player. There are some blank ones which you and your buddies get to make up rules for.

The pink elephant cards have rhymes on them which you have to say correctly. You only get one chance. Collect ten and you win the game.Takes maybe an hour to play. This game was a great subsitute for asshole or beer pong. Chicks love it.lts. College students love beer.

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