Mai Tai recipe

Mai Tai Ingredients

Pour light rum, creme de almond and triple sec, in order, into a collins glass. Almost fill with equal parts of sweet and sour mix and pineapple juice. Add dark rum, a large straw, and serve unstirred.

Best served in a Collins Glass.

Mai Tai Variations

Mai Tai Drink Recipe

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Mai Tai: is a Tahitian word means good and this cocktail was supposed to have been invented at the Traders Vic’s “Polynesian-style restaurant” in California in 1944 but it is disputed. This extremely popular cocktail has many variations. Trader Vic’s has its own recipe as well as its rival and another claimant for its invention, Don the Beachcomber has its own. Anyway a well- accepted and common recipe of Mai Tai will be a combination of white and dark rums, curacao, orgeat syrup(sweet syrup from almond, sugar, rose water etc) and fresh lemon juice. All these ingredients except dark rum are shaken in a mixer with ice. Strain into glass and then pour the dark rum on the top to remain floated. Pineapple pears, mint leaves and lime rind are added as garnish

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