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Caesar Salad Drink Recipe
 1  Vodka
 1 dash  Worcestershire Sauce
 1 splash  Lemon Juice
 1 dash  Hot Sauce

Use the parmesan cheese around the rim of your glass. Add all the ingredients over lots of ice and s...

Armageddon #1 Drink Recipe
 1 oz  Mezcal
 1/4 oz  Hot Sauce

Mix and shoot. Made for customers who say tabasco drinks are not hot enough....

Absolut Boody Mary Drink Recipe
 5 part  Absolut Peppar Vodka
 2 dash  Worcestershire Sauce
 1 part  Lemon Juice
 1  Celery
 3 part  Tomato Juice
 2 dash  Hot Sauce

Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes. Add ABSOLUT Peppar, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice and hot sau...