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Bitter Lemonade is a refreshing cocktail that combines the tangy taste of lemons with a hint of bitterness. This cocktail is perfect for those who enjoy a unique and slightly complex flavor profile. The combination of lemon juice, simple syrup, and bitters creates a well-balanced drink that is not too sweet or too sour. Whether you're enjoying a summer BBQ or looking for a refreshing drink to unwind after a long day, Bitter Lemonade is a great choice.

To make Bitter Lemonade, start by juicing fresh lemons to get the perfect amount of tangy flavor. In a cocktail shaker, combine the lemon juice, simple syrup, and a few dashes of bitters. Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously for about 10-15 seconds to ensure all the ingredients are well mixed and chilled.

Next, strain the mixture into a glass filled with ice. If you prefer a stronger flavor, you can add more bitters to taste. Top the glass with sparkling water and gently stir to combine all the ingredients. Garnish with a lemon slice or a sprig of mint for an extra touch of freshness.

Bitter Lemonade is best served cold, so make sure to keep your ingredients chilled before you start making the cocktail. You can also experiment with different types of bitters to find your preferred flavor combination. Some popular options include orange bitters or aromatic bitters for a more intense taste.

This refreshing cocktail is perfect for hot summer days or any occasion that calls for a cold and tangy beverage. Give Bitter Lemonade a try and discover a new favorite cocktail that will keep you coming back for more.

Best served in a Highball Glass.