Is a neutral spirit with very little flavor. It is clear, colorless and is produced in Russia, Poland, Finland, the United States, Canada and other countries. It was originally made with potatoes (some still is in Russia) but is now made with corn and wheat. Grain is soaked in water, fermented, then distilled 3 times (the third distillation eliminates impurities). Distilled and demineralized water is then added to bring the vodka down to consumable levels (32 to 47% alc./vol.). Then the vodka is filtered through activated wood charcoal filters (either apple tree or birch wood). Best enjoyed straight up ice cold, on the rocks, in mixed drinks, cocktails and tall drinks. Vodka blends well with just about any liquid fruit juices, dairy products, carbonated drinks, vermouths and all liqueurs. Vodka also helps bring out a cocktail's aroma without altering the color.

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