Frickin' Green Drink

Frickin' Green Drink recipe

Frickin' Green Drink Ingredients

Frickin' Green Drink Instructions

This drink will be a nice green color. Great for St. Patrick's day or any occasion. Before making the drink, chill a small cocktail glass either in the freezer or by filling with ice. Fill a shaker with cracked (not crushed) ice and add all liquors. Depending on taste desired, more Midori can be added. Shake well. Remove glass from freezer or empty ice from glass. Fill cold glass 3/4 full of ice cubes. Strain liquors from shaker into cocktail glass. Top with sweet & sour mix to taste. (More sweet & sour mix will make this drink more sour/less sweet.) Stir gently. Top with garnish of choice. Enjoy! If drinker desires a sweeter taste, a little simple syrup can be added in the shaker. To add color AND sweetness, add a tsp of grenadine AFTER topping with sweet & sour. DO NOT stir after adding the grenadine or the drink will not be green.

Best served in a Cocktail Glass.