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Looking for a refreshing and citrusy cocktail to enjoy on a warm summer day? Look no further than the Orange Rush! This cocktail is bursting with the vibrant flavors of oranges and will surely quench your thirst. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or simply relaxing on the patio, the Orange Rush is the perfect drink to sip on and enjoy.

To make an Orange Rush, start by gathering all your ingredients. You'll need fresh oranges, ice, vodka, orange liqueur, and a dash of simple syrup. Begin by squeezing the juice from the oranges into a pitcher or shaker. Make sure to remove any seeds or pulp from the juice. Next, add a generous amount of ice to the pitcher or shaker, followed by the desired amount of vodka and orange liqueur. If you prefer a sweeter cocktail, add a dash of simple syrup as well.

Once all the ingredients are in the pitcher or shaker, give everything a good stir or shake to combine. This will help to evenly distribute the flavors and ensure a well-mixed cocktail. If you're using a shaker, be sure to strain the mixture into a glass filled with ice before serving. If you're using a pitcher, simply pour the Orange Rush directly into glasses filled with ice.

Now, it's time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your Orange Rush cocktail. This drink is best served cold, so be sure to keep it chilled until you're ready to serve. You can garnish your Orange Rush with a slice of orange or a sprig of mint for an extra pop of color and flavor.

Whether you're hosting a summer party or simply want to treat yourself to a delicious cocktail, the Orange Rush is the perfect choice. Its bright and fruity flavors will transport you to a tropical paradise, making it the ultimate summer sipper. So go ahead, mix up a batch of Orange Rush cocktails and let the refreshing flavors take you away.

Best served in a Collins Glass.