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Passion Beach Cocktail Recipe

The Passion Beach cocktail is a refreshing and fruity drink that is perfect for those hot summer days on the beach. This cocktail combines the tropical flavors of passion fruit and pineapple with a hint of vodka for a delightful and easy-to-make drink.


  1. Start by filling a shaker with ice.
  2. Add 2 ounces of vodka to the shaker.
  3. Squeeze the juice of one fresh lime into the shaker.
  4. Add 2 ounces of passion fruit juice to the shaker.
  5. Add 2 ounces of pineapple juice to the shaker.
  6. Shake well to combine all the ingredients.
  7. Strain the mixture into a chilled glass.
  8. Garnish with a pineapple slice or a lime wedge, if desired.
  9. Serve and enjoy!

The Passion Beach cocktail is a delicious and tropical drink that will transport you to a beach paradise with just one sip. Whether you're sipping it by the pool or enjoying it at a summer gathering, this cocktail is sure to impress. So grab your ingredients and get ready to enjoy a taste of the tropics with the Passion Beach cocktail!

Best served in a Highball Glass.