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Picon Biere is a popular cocktail in France that combines the bitterness of Picon Amer with the refreshing qualities of beer. It is a simple and easy to make drink that is perfect for a summer afternoon or a casual gathering with friends.

To make a Picon Biere, you will need a bottle of Picon Amer, a cold bottle of beer, and a slice of orange. Start by pouring a shot of Picon Amer into a chilled glass. Then, slowly pour the beer into the glass, letting it mix with the Picon Amer. Finish off by adding a slice of orange to garnish the drink. Stir gently to combine the flavors.

Picon Biere is a versatile cocktail that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of foods. Its bitter-sweet flavor profile makes it a great accompaniment to grilled meats, salty snacks, or even spicy dishes. The carbonation from the beer adds a refreshing quality to the drink, making it a perfect choice for warm summer days.

This cocktail is widely popular in France and can be found in many bars and restaurants throughout the country. It is often enjoyed as an aperitif, a drink that is typically served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. The combination of bitter Picon Amer and carbonated beer makes it an excellent choice for this purpose.

If you're looking for a simple and refreshing cocktail to try, give the Picon Biere a go. Its unique flavor profile and easy preparation make it a great choice for both cocktail enthusiasts and beginners alike. So go ahead, gather your ingredients, and enjoy a taste of France with this delightful drink.

Best served in a Pilsner Glass.

Picon Biere, a popular French aperitif, is a refreshing drink that combines the bitter orange flavor of Picon Amer with the effervescence of beer. This classic cocktail has a long history and is a beloved tradition in France, especially in the northern regions. If you want to enjoy a taste of France in your own home, here's how you can make a delicious Picon Biere drink.

The Origins of Picon Biere

Picon Biere has its roots in the French town of Amiens, where Gaetan Picon created the original Picon Amer in the 19th century. Picon Amer is a bittersweet liqueur made from a blend of orange peel and gentian root, giving it a distinctive flavor that pairs perfectly with beer. The combination of Picon Amer and beer became known as Picon Biere and quickly became a popular choice for a refreshing aperitif in cafes and bars across France.

How to Make Picon Biere

To make a classic Picon Biere, you'll need the following ingredients:
- 1 oz Picon Amer
- 1 bottle of your favorite lager beer
- Ice cubes

1. Fill a glass with ice cubes to chill it.
2. Add 1 oz of Picon Amer to the glass.
3. Top up the glass with your chosen lager beer, stirring gently to mix.
4. Garnish with a slice of orange or lemon, if desired.
5. Enjoy your refreshing Picon Biere cocktail!

Picon Biere is best enjoyed on a hot summer day or as a pre-dinner drink before a meal. The bitterness of the Picon Amer complements the crispness of the beer, creating a well-balanced and flavorful concoction that is sure to delight your taste buds.

In conclusion, Picon Biere is a classic French aperitif with a rich history and a delicious taste that is loved by many. Whether you're hosting a French-themed party or simply want to try something new, this simple recipe is a great way to experience a taste of France in your own home. Cheers to the delightful flavors of Picon Biere!

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