Razzberi Kazi

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The Razzberi Kazi is a delicious cocktail that combines the sweetness of raspberries with the tartness of lime for a refreshing and fruity drink. This cocktail is perfect for a summer gathering or a night out with friends.

To make a Razzberi Kazi, start with fresh raspberries and muddle them in a glass. Add some lime juice and simple syrup to the glass and stir to combine. Fill the glass with ice and top it off with your choice of vodka or rum. Give the drink a quick stir and garnish with a lime wheel or fresh raspberries.

The Razzberi Kazi is best enjoyed on a warm day when you're looking for a light and refreshing beverage. The raspberries bring a vibrant color and the lime adds a tangy twist. You can customize the sweetness of the cocktail by adjusting the amount of simple syrup you add.

Whether you're hosting a summer barbecue or having a cozy night in, the Razzberi Kazi is a versatile drink that is sure to impress. Serve it in a chilled glass with a fun straw for an added touch. Cheers!

Best served in a Cocktail Glass.