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The Remmsen Cooler is a refreshing and citrusy cocktail that is perfect for those hot summer days. Made with a combination of citrus juices, vodka, and soda water, this cocktail is both easy to make and delicious to drink.

To make a Remmsen Cooler, start by combining equal parts of freshly squeezed orange juice and grapefruit juice in a shaker with ice. Add a shot of vodka for an extra kick. Shake the mixture well to ensure that all the flavors are fully blended together.

Once the cocktail is well mixed, strain it into a glass filled with ice cubes. Top the glass with soda water to add a nice fizz to the drink. Garnish the Remmsen Cooler with a slice of orange or grapefruit for an added touch of freshness.

This cocktail is best served chilled and is a great option for pool parties, barbecues, or any outdoor gathering. Its citrusy flavor and fizzy texture make it a crowd-pleaser that is sure to impress your guests.

So, the next time you want to cool off on a hot summer day, give the Remmsen Cooler a try. Its refreshing taste and simple ingredients make it a go-to cocktail that you'll want to enjoy time and time again.

Best served in a Collins Glass.