B 52

B 52 recipe

B 52 Ingredients

B 52 Instructions

Carefully layer ingredients, in order, into a shot glass; kahlua, amaretto, then irish cream.

Best served in a Shot Glass.

B- 52: is layered cocktail served in a sherry glass or shooter. This is a layered mixed alcoholic drink containing coffee liqueur, Bailey’s Irish Cream and Grand Marnier .The layering is well balanced due to the relative densities of the ingredients. This is made of equal quantity of Kahlua, Bailey’s cream and Gran Marnier. The method of preparing this drink is called “Pousse Café” or building unlike blending. An experienced bar tender with high degree of adroitness can prepare this drink manually or special machines can also be used. First coffee liqueur such as Tia maria or Kahlua is poured into glass and then Bailey’s Irish cream poured slowly over it through the back of a spoon and lastly pour Grand Marnier atop the Irish Coffee through the spoon.

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