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Get Your Day Started Right with a Bloody Maria

If you're looking for a twist on the classic Bloody Mary, look no further than the Bloody Maria. This spicy cocktail is perfect for those who want a little extra kick to wake up their taste buds. With its combination of tequila, tomato juice, and spices, the Bloody Maria is the ultimate brunch drink.

To make a Bloody Maria, start by rimming a glass with salt and pepper. This step is optional, but it adds a nice touch and enhances the flavors of the cocktail. Next, fill the glass with ice cubes. The key to a good Bloody Maria is using quality tequila, so make sure to use a brand that you enjoy. Pour 2 ounces of tequila into the glass.

Now it's time to add the flavor. Pour in 4 ounces of tomato juice, along with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. The lime juice adds a tangy citrus kick to balance out the rich flavors of the tomato and tequila. To spice things up, add a few dashes of hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce. If you like it extra spicy, feel free to add more hot sauce to your liking.

Give the cocktail a good stir to mix all the ingredients together. Garnish your Bloody Maria with a celery stalk, a lime wedge, and a sprinkle of freshly ground black pepper. Not only do these garnishes add visual appeal, but they also contribute additional flavors to the cocktail.

The Bloody Maria is a versatile cocktail that can be enjoyed any time of day. Whether you're hosting brunch with friends or simply want a delicious drink to start your day, the Bloody Maria is sure to satisfy. So why not give it a try and add a little spice to your life?

Best served in a Old-Fashioned Glass.