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Schumann's Gimlet Instructions

The Schumann's Gimlet is a classic cocktail that is perfect for those who love a refreshing and tangy drink. It is named after Charles Schumann, a renowned German bartender and author of the book "American Bar". The Gimlet is simple to make, requiring just a few ingredients and some basic bar tools.

To make a Schumann's Gimlet, you will need a shaker, ice cubes, a cocktail strainer, and a martini glass. Start by chilling the martini glass in the freezer while you prepare the cocktail.

Next, measure out the ingredients for the Gimlet. This cocktail usually calls for gin and lime juice. Charles Schumann, however, suggests using vodka instead of gin for a smoother and less herbal taste. You will need 2 ounces of vodka or gin and 1 ounce of lime juice.

Once you have your ingredients ready, fill the shaker with ice cubes and pour in the vodka or gin and lime juice. Shake the mixture well for about 30 seconds to ensure that it is properly mixed and chilled.

Finally, strain the cocktail into the chilled martini glass. You can garnish it with a lime twist or a lime wedge for an extra touch of freshness. Serve your Schumann's Gimlet and enjoy it straight away while it is still cold.

This classic cocktail is perfect for any occasion, whether you are hosting a cocktail party or simply want to enjoy a refreshing drink on a warm summer day. The Schumann's Gimlet is a timeless recipe that never fails to impress.

Best served in a Cocktail Glass.