(Prunus) The fruit of any of various trees of this genus, consisting of a pulpy globular drupe enclosing a one-seeded smooth stone. Some of the cherries ordered by Johnson included: Carnation Cherry: a favorite cherry planted by both Jefferson & Washington. English Cherry: Espalier or orchard hard and sweet. May Duke Cherry: Planted by Washington and Jefferson good for both dessert and cooking a “Duke” is one of the four categories of cherry. Red Heart Cherry: another common division of “Cherry” hard suckers at a distance from the tree. These cherries were often espaliered against walls or lined up in orchards popular in kitchen gardens. Tierce English White Heart Cherry: One of the heart varieties. Popular because they could be espaliered against a wall in kitchen gardens. Wild Cherry: Probably sour foliage nice “made a nice liqueur by putting the fruit with sugar in a demijohn or cask of the best old rum.” [Miller]

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