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Chicago Fizz Recipe

Looking for a refreshing and fizzy cocktail to enjoy on a warm summer day? Look no further than the Chicago Fizz! This delightful drink is a twist on the classic Tom Collins, with the addition of a few extra ingredients to give it that extra sparkle.

To make a Chicago Fizz, you will need a few key ingredients. Start with a base of gin, and add in some fresh lemon juice for a tangy kick. Then, sweeten it up with some simple syrup, and add a splash of club soda for that fizzy finish. To top it all off, garnish with a cherry or a slice of lemon for a pop of color.

To prepare your Chicago Fizz, begin by filling a cocktail shaker with ice. Add in 2 ounces of gin, 1 ounce of lemon juice, and 1/2 ounce of simple syrup. Shake the mixture well to combine the flavors and chill the ingredients.

Next, strain the mixture into a chilled Collins glass filled with ice. Top it off with a splash of club soda to give it that signature fizz. If desired, garnish your Chicago Fizz with a cherry or a lemon slice.

Once your Chicago Fizz is ready, take a sip and let the refreshing flavors transport you to the Windy City. The combination of gin, lemon, and soda creates a perfectly balanced drink that is sure to become a new favorite.

So, the next time you're in need of a bubbly and invigorating cocktail, give the Chicago Fizz a try. It's easy to make and even easier to enjoy. Cheers!

Best served in a Highball Glass.