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Looking for the perfect cocktail to enjoy during the holiday season? Look no further than the Sleigh Ride cocktail. This festive drink combines a mix of flavors including cranberry, orange, and spice to create a delightful and refreshing beverage that is sure to get you in the holiday spirit.

To make the Sleigh Ride cocktail, start by filling a shaker with ice. Add 2 ounces of vodka, 1 ounce of cranberry juice, 1 ounce of orange juice, and a splash of ginger ale. Shake the mixture well to combine the flavors.

Once the cocktail is well mixed, strain it into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a sprig of fresh rosemary and a few cranberries for an extra festive touch.

The Sleigh Ride cocktail is the perfect drink to enjoy with friends and family during the holiday season. Its bright and refreshing flavors are sure to put a smile on your face and help you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year. So grab your shaker and get ready to indulge in this festive and delicious cocktail. Cheers!

Best served in a Pousse Cafe Glass.