Bellini Drink Recipe

Bellini recipe

Bellini Ingredients

  • 1 (peeled and pureed) Peach

Pour peach puree into glass and slowly add champagne. Stir gently. Garnish with a peach slice.

Best served in a Champagne Flute.

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Bellini: As the name suggest, it is an Italian cocktail created by an Italian bartender who named it after a famous artist after being highly influenced by one of his painting whose background color was similar to the color of the drink. It is made of Italian sparking wine, traditionally Prosecco with puree of white peach served in champagne flute(glass). This drink has undergone some variations over the years. This drink used to be a seasonal specialty at Harry’s bar in Venice, which would be frequented by the some important celebrities and they would order this drink without fail

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