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The Friar Tuck cocktail is a delicious and refreshing drink that is perfect for summer. This cocktail is made with a combination of rum, lime juice, simple syrup, and fresh mint leaves. It is a sweet and tart drink that is sure to impress your guests. To make a Friar Tuck cocktail, start by muddling a few fresh mint leaves in the bottom of a glass. This will release the oils and flavors of the mint, giving your cocktail a fresh and herbaceous taste. Next, add the rum, lime juice, and simple syrup to the glass. Fill the glass with ice and give it a good stir to combine all of the ingredients. Once your cocktail is well mixed, garnish it with a sprig of fresh mint and a lime wheel. This will add a pop of color and a burst of freshness to your drink. Serve your Friar Tuck cocktail cold and enjoy! The Friar Tuck cocktail is a classic drink that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you are hosting a summer party or just want to enjoy a refreshing drink on a hot day, this cocktail is sure to hit the spot. Give it a try and let the flavors of rum, mint, and lime transport you to a tropical paradise.

Best served in a Cocktail Glass.