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Are you ready to let your hair down and have a blast? The Go Go Girl cocktail is the perfect drink to get the party started. This retro-inspired cocktail will transport you back to the swinging 60s with its vibrant colors and delicious flavors.

To make a Go Go Girl, you'll need a few key ingredients and a shaker. Start by adding ice cubes to the shaker. Next, pour in a generous splash of vodka. The vodka adds a kick to the cocktail and gives it that extra oomph.

Next, add in a splash of cranberry juice. The cranberry juice not only adds a pop of color to the drink, but it also adds a refreshing tartness that balances out the sweetness of the other ingredients.

Now it's time to add in some orange liqueur. The orange liqueur adds a citrusy twist to the cocktail and enhances the overall flavor profile. Be sure to add just the right amount to get that perfect balance of flavors.

Finally, add a squeeze of fresh lime juice. The lime juice adds a zesty freshness to the cocktail and brings all the flavors together. Shake the shaker vigorously to mix all the ingredients together and to chill the cocktail.

Once your Go Go Girl cocktail is well mixed and chilled, strain it into a glass of your choice. You can serve it in a classic cocktail glass or get creative with a funky retro glass to match the theme. Garnish the cocktail with a slice of lime or a cherry for an extra touch of glamour.

Now you're ready to enjoy your Go Go Girl cocktail! Sip on this delightful drink and let the good times roll. Whether you're hosting a 60s-themed party or just want to add a splash of retro fun to your evening, the Go Go Girl is sure to impress your guests and transport you back to a groovier time.

Best served in a Highball Glass.