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The Irish Whiskey Highball is a refreshing and simple cocktail that highlights the smooth and rich taste of Irish whiskey. It is a classic highball cocktail that is perfect for any occasion, whether you are hosting a party or simply relaxing at home. To make an Irish Whiskey Highball, you will need a few ingredients including Irish whiskey, ginger ale, and a slice of lemon for garnish. The key to a good Irish Whiskey Highball is using a high-quality Irish whiskey that is smooth and has a rich flavor. The ginger ale adds a refreshing and bubbly twist to the cocktail, while the lemon garnish adds a hint of acidity that balances out the drink. To make the cocktail, start by filling a highball glass with ice. Add about 1.5 ounces of Irish whiskey to the glass, or adjust the amount to your preference. Next, pour in ginger ale until the glass is about three-quarters full. Give the cocktail a gentle stir to mix the ingredients together. Finally, garnish the drink with a slice of lemon and serve. The Irish Whiskey Highball is a versatile cocktail that can easily be customized to suit your taste preferences. For a sweeter variation, you can add a splash of simple syrup or swap out the ginger ale for a flavored soda. If you prefer a stronger whiskey flavor, you can increase the amount of Irish whiskey in the cocktail. Whether you are a fan of Irish whiskey or simply looking for a refreshing and easy-to-make cocktail, the Irish Whiskey Highball is a perfect choice. Its combination of smooth Irish whiskey, bubbly ginger ale, and zesty lemon garnish creates a balanced and delicious drink that is sure to impress your guests. So, grab your favorite Irish whiskey and give this classic highball cocktail a try!

Best served in a Highball Glass.