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The cocktail recipe 'Mayor Billy' is a refreshing and delightful drink that is perfect for sunny days and social gatherings. This cocktail is named after the fictitious character Mayor Billy, who was known for his charisma and love for mixology. To make the Mayor Billy cocktail, start by filling a shaker with ice. Add a generous amount of vodka and a splash of grenadine for a touch of sweetness. Next, squeeze the juice of a fresh lemon into the shaker for a burst of citrus flavor. Shake the ingredients well to ensure they are thoroughly mixed. Once the ingredients are combined, strain the cocktail into a chilled glass filled with ice. Garnish the Mayor Billy cocktail with a lemon slice or a cherry for an added touch of sophistication. The Mayor Billy cocktail is a versatile drink that can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a variety of appetizers and small bites. Its light and refreshing taste make it a perfect choice for outdoor gatherings and summer parties. When serving the Mayor Billy cocktail at your next social event, be sure to have plenty of glasses available as this cocktail is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy this delightful libation in moderation. In conclusion, the Mayor Billy cocktail is a delightful and refreshing drink that is sure to impress your guests. Its combination of vodka, grenadine, and fresh lemon juice create a perfect balance of flavors. Whether you are hosting a summer party or simply want to indulge in a delicious cocktail, the Mayor Billy is a must-try recipe.

Best served in a Cocktail Glass.