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The Slippery Panties cocktail is a fun and flirty drink that is sure to be a hit at any party or gathering. This delicious concoction combines sweet and fruity flavors with a touch of vodka for a refreshing and satisfying beverage. To make a Slippery Panties cocktail, you will need a few simple ingredients and a shaker. Start by filling your shaker with ice and adding a shot of vodka. Next, add in some peach schnapps and cranberry juice. The peach schnapps provides a sweet and fruity flavor, while the cranberry juice adds a tartness that balances out the sweetness. Now it's time to shake your cocktail. Place the lid on the shaker and give it a good shake for about 10 seconds. This will help to mix all of the flavors together and create a perfectly blended cocktail. Once you're satisfied with the amount of shaking, it's time to strain your Slippery Panties cocktail into a glass. You can use a strainer to remove any ice or fruit pieces that may have made their way into the shaker. Garnish your Slippery Panties cocktail with a slice of peach or a cherry to add a touch of elegance and visual appeal. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy this delicious and refreshing drink. The Slippery Panties cocktail is a great choice for a girls' night out, a bachelorette party, or any other fun and flirty occasion. Its combination of sweet and fruity flavors with a hint of vodka make it a crowd-pleaser for any palate. So next time you're hosting a party or looking to enjoy a tasty cocktail, give the Slippery Panties a try. You won't be disappointed!

Best served in a Old-Fashioned Glass.