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The Coffee Colada is a delightful cocktail recipe that combines the rich and robust flavor of coffee with the tropical notes of pineapple and coconut. This drink is perfect for those who love both coffee and pina coladas.

To make a Coffee Colada, start by brewing a strong cup of coffee and allowing it to cool. In a blender, combine the cooled coffee with pineapple juice, coconut cream, and a splash of rum. Blend until smooth and frothy.

Once the mixture is blended, pour it into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a pineapple slice or a sprinkle of coconut flakes for an extra touch of tropical flavor. Serve and enjoy!

The Coffee Colada is a refreshing and energizing cocktail that is sure to please coffee and pina colada lovers alike. It's the perfect drink to enjoy on a hot summer day or as a pick-me-up any time of year.

Best served in a Hurricane Glass.