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Death by Chocolate is a decadent and indulgent cocktail that combines the rich flavors of chocolate and coffee. This drink is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth and love a little kick of caffeine.

To make Death by Chocolate, you'll need a few key ingredients. Start by gathering your favorite chocolate liqueur, coffee liqueur, and vodka. These three components will form the base of your cocktail, providing the perfect balance of sweetness and booziness.

Once you have your ingredients ready, it's time to start mixing. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and pour in equal parts of chocolate liqueur, coffee liqueur, and vodka. Give it a good shake to ensure everything is well combined.

Next, strain the mixture into a chilled martini glass. This step is essential to ensure a smooth and refined drink, free of any ice or clumps. You want to savor every sip of this indulgent treat.

Finally, garnish your Death by Chocolate cocktail with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or some chocolate shavings. This adds a touch of elegance and enhances the overall presentation of the drink. Feel free to get creative with your garnish, as long as it involves chocolate!

Now that your Death by Chocolate cocktail is complete, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rich flavors of chocolate and coffee. This cocktail is perfect for special occasions or as a dessert drink after a delicious meal. Just be careful, as it's easy to have one too many of these delightful concoctions!

So, if you're looking for a truly indulgent and flavorful cocktail, give Death by Chocolate a try. You won't be disappointed!

Best served in a Parfait Glass.