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Are you a fan of adventure and action? Then the Lara Croft cocktail is perfect for you! Inspired by the legendary Tomb Raider, this cocktail is a blend of flavors that will take you on a thrilling taste adventure.

The Lara Croft cocktail is a refreshing and fruity concoction that combines the sweetness of pineapple juice with the zing of lime and the smoothness of coconut rum. It's a tropical delight that will transport you to exotic locations.

To prepare this exciting cocktail, start by filling a shaker with ice. Pour in 2 ounces of coconut rum, 1 ounce of pineapple juice, and half an ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice. Shake well to mix and chill the ingredients.

Once your cocktail is well chilled, strain it into a glass filled with ice. Garnish with a lime wheel or a pineapple wedge for an extra touch of tropical flair. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventurous flavors of the Lara Croft cocktail.

Whether you're hosting a movie night with friends or simply want to treat yourself to a taste of adventure, the Lara Croft cocktail is a must-try. Its vibrant flavors and refreshing mix will make you feel like you're on your very own action-packed quest.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your shaker and ingredients, and embark on a taste adventure with the Lara Croft cocktail!

Best served in a Old-Fashioned Glass.