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Looking for a delicious and refreshing cocktail to enjoy this summer? Look no further than the Sixteen and a Half. This cocktail is the perfect combination of sweet and tart, making it a great choice for any occasion. Made with a mix of vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice, this cocktail is sure to be a hit at your next gathering.

To make a Sixteen and a Half cocktail, start by filling a shaker with ice. Add 2 ounces of vodka, followed by 1 ounce of peach schnapps. Next, pour in 3 ounces of cranberry juice. Shake the ingredients together until well combined, then strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a lemon twist or a slice of fresh peach for an extra touch of elegance. Enjoy your Sixteen and a Half cocktail and savor every sip of its delightful flavors.

The Sixteen and a Half cocktail is a classic choice that never goes out of style. With its vibrant color and refreshing taste, it's the ideal drink to serve at parties, gatherings, or simply for a night in with friends. Whether you're a seasoned cocktail connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of mixology, this recipe is a must-try.

Best served in a Highball Glass.