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Are you looking for a refreshing and unique cocktail recipe to try? Look no further than the "Absolutly Screwed Up" cocktail! This delicious drink is the perfect blend of fruity flavors and a hint of vodka. It's the perfect drink to enjoy during a summer gathering or a night out with friends.

To make the "Absolutly Screwed Up" cocktail, you'll need a few key ingredients. Begin by gathering your favorite fruit juices, such as cranberry, orange, and pineapple. These juices will add a burst of flavor to your drink. Next, make sure you have some vodka on hand. We recommend using a high-quality vodka like Absolut for the best results.

Once you have all of your ingredients ready, it's time to mix up your "Absolutly Screwed Up" cocktail. Start by filling a cocktail shaker with ice. Next, pour in equal parts of cranberry, orange, and pineapple juice. The exact measurements will depend on your personal preference, so feel free to adjust the amounts to suit your taste.

After adding the fruit juices to the shaker, it's time to add the star ingredient – vodka. Pour in a generous amount of vodka, again adjusting the amount to your liking. Then, secure the lid of the cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for about 10-15 seconds. This will ensure that all of the ingredients are well-mixed and chilled.

Once you've shaken your "Absolutly Screwed Up" cocktail, it's time to strain it into a glass. You can use a traditional cocktail glass or a highball glass, depending on your preference. If you like your drink extra chilled, you can add a few ice cubes to the glass before straining.

Finally, it's time to garnish your "Absolutly Screwed Up" cocktail. You can get creative with your garnishes – try adding a slice of orange or a cherry on top. Not only do these garnishes add a pop of color, but they also add a hint of additional flavor.

Now that you know how to make the "Absolutly Screwed Up" cocktail, it's time to gather your ingredients and give it a try. With its delicious blend of fruit juices and vodka, this cocktail is sure to become a new favorite. So, grab your shaker and get ready to enjoy a refreshing and tasty drink!

Best served in a Collins Glass.

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